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Монтаж пневмолинии

Installation of pneumatic lines

Compressed air pneumonia is an object of increased danger, фитинги для алюминиевых трубour company pays special attention to design calculations both at the stage of creating drawings and at the stage of manufacturing pipes and connections. Compressed air pneumatic network assembled from the components of the Prin Pipe is an all-metal pneumatic system, with the exception of rubber-technical seals of fittings. All units of the pneumatic pipeline are designed in accordance with the Technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 032/2013/ Special attention is paid to the quality of aluminum materials and laboratory tests of the products.

Fittings PRIN PIPE 

фитинги для алюминиевых трубConnection of aluminum pipes is carried out without welding with the help of fittings Prin Pipe, made of aluminum alloy fittings AD31. Blanks for fittings are produced by extrusion pressing and die casting. Turning parts made by CNC(CNC)turning center with subsequent haltiwanger. Rubber seals correspond to the size of GOST and are available throughout the Russian Federation.

Алюминиевые трубыAluminum pipe PRIN PIPE

Aluminum pipe PRIN PIPE is specially designed for compressed air systems have a circular cross section. Connection of pipes is carried out without welding by means of stop-compression fittings Prin Pipe or threaded fittings Prin Pipe pipes are Produced by extrusion of aluminum alloy UNS A96063 T5 in accordance with AD31 T5 GOST 18482, increased silicon content in the alloy makes the pipes resistant to corrosion. Outside aluminum pipe Prin Pipe has a polymer coating color-RAL5012.Can be used with compressed air, nitrogen.Алюминиевые трубы

Aluminum pipe Prin Pipe is made of the following sizes:

⌀ 25 x 1.5 mm.

⌀ 32 x 1.5 mm.

⌀ 50 x 2 mm.

⌀ 80 x 2 mm.

⌀ 100 x 3 mm.

⌀ 158 x 5 mm.

• Maximum working pressure PN13 for temperatures between -20°C (-4°F) to +70°C (158°F).
• Operating temperature range: -20°C (-4°F) to +70°C (158°F).
• Working pressure: 20-80mm 0.13-13 bar Gauge Pressure, 100mm 0.13-16 bar Gauge Pressure
• Minimum allowable pressure dew point: -70 °C (-94 °F).

• "Prin Pipe" pipes are resistant to direct UV radiation, fittings are resistant to indirect UV radiation.
• Corrosion resistant
• Sealed.
• Vacuum pressure: absolute pressure 20-80 mm, 0.13 bar (1.88 psi)
• Compatible with oil-free and oil-filled compressors.


Installation of pipelines

Монтаж трубопровода

Монтаж трубопровода

Installation of compressed air pipelines , technical re-equipment of hazardous production facilities, installation (dismantling), repair, reconstruction (modernization), adjustment of equipment under pressure should be carried out only by specialized organizations having the status of a legal entity. Employees of specialized organization, directly engaged in assembling dismantling) of pipelines, repair, reconstruction (modernization) and commissioning of pressure equipment must undergo:

a) managers and specialists – training and certification in Rostekhnadzor, in the areas of industrial safety A1 and B. 8.26.
b) workers – check of knowledge in the volume of qualification requirements (within vocational training), and also in the volume of requirements of production instructions and (or) instructions for this profession.
To put the pipeline into operation, a specialized installation company is obliged to issue the following documentation:

Program on the equipment under pressure

The pipeline passport

Manual (instruction) for the operation of the compressed air pipeline

the certificate of quality of installation of the pipeline

The ACT of purging the compressed air pipeline.

ACT on conducting pneumatic tests of the compressed pipeline
The ACT of putting the pipeline under pressure into operation .


Operation of the compressed air line

Монтаж пневмолинии

For commissioning of compressed air pneumatic lines, the owner of the pipeline must issue the following documents:
sign together with the installation company:
   The ACT of purging the compressed air pipeline.
   ACT on conducting pneumatic tests of the compressed air pipeline .
   The ACT of putting the pipeline under pressure into operation .
    get from the installation company:
    Passport of the pipeline.
    Executive scheme of installation.
Manual (manual) for the operation of the compressed air pipeline.
Compressed air pipeline project with the mark of the installation company.
The material certificates of the pipeline.
independently issue:
Initial technical inspection of the pipeline (before commissioning after installation).
for registration of the Declaration of conformity to collect a package of documents:

safety case

b) a passport equipment;
C) instruction manual (manual) ;
d) project documentation;
e) the results of strength calculations and calculations of the capacity of safety devices (if available in accordance with the project);
e) technological regulations and data on technological process (data on the applied materials, semi-finished products, accessories, welding materials, on methods and parameters of modes of welding and heat treatment, methods and results of nondestructive control);
g) data on the carried-out tests (measurements);
h) test reports of the equipment carried out by the manufacturer, the person authorized by the manufacturer and (or) the accredited testing laboratory;
I) document confirming the characteristics of materials and components (if any);
j) certificates of conformity, declarations of conformity or test reports for materials, components (if any));
K) the list of standards specified in section V of technical regulations TR CU 013-2013, which were used in the manufacture (production) of equipment (if used by the manufacturer);
m) documents confirming the qualification of specialists and personnel of the manufacturer;
h) other documents directly or indirectly confirming compliance of the equipment with the requirements of this technical regulation (if any).
For our partners using the materials of PRIN PIPE, Rus energy is ready to offer its assistance in the registration of the pipeline and its introduction into the Rosreestr.

Areas of application of pneumatic pipelines

💣 Installation of the pipeline in explosive and fire hazardous conditions without welding.

🏭 distribution of compressed air at the enterprises

🍱 packaging machine

✂ clothing manufacture

🔧 connecting machines to compressed air

☠ chemical industry enterprises

🚌 🚗 🚛 car repair

Aluminum pipes Prin Pipe fully comply with the structural requirements of the Technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 032/2013. The pipeline made of aluminum fully complies with Federal regulations and rules in the field of industrial safety. The compressed air pipes made from Pipe materials, Does not require the development of design documentation for welding procedures do not need to develop a programme of test welds is not required in the presence in the state certified welders. The absence of thermal impact on the pipes allows the installation of compressed air pipeline at explosive enterprises, operating enterprises of oil and gas and timber industries. Inspection of welding works on plastic pipelines is equated to examination of steel pipelines. Production process constructed in accordance with the specifications"Systems compressed air and inert gases: mark PRIN PIPE".

Compressed air system Prin Pipe

The efficiency of compressed air systems assembled from Prin Pipe materials is based on our laboratory tests and years of practice. We guarantee the quality of our materials, provided that:

⚠ our instructions are carefully followed
⚠ installation works are carried out in accordance with Federal norms and rules in the field of industrial safety
⚠ installation works are carried out in accordance with the Federal norms and rules in the field of industrial safety "Rules of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities, which use equipment operating under excessive pressure»
⚠ design works were performed in accordance with technical regulations TR CU 032/2013.
We are not responsible provided that:
⚠ the final result was influenced by factors beyond our control
⚠ tubing mounted unskilled and non-certified staff.
⚠ tubing designed non-certified organization.

The connection of the compressor

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